AppCard for Shopify

Developed by AppCard

AppCard's loyalty, data and marketing platform simplifies customer retention and drives repeat purchase. Go digital, reward and communicate!

AppCard for Shopify helps brick & mortar businesses, like yours, create long lasting customer relationships by offering a fresh approach to loyalty and data-driven marketing. The integrated solution allows you to identify/enroll loyal shoppers to both earn and redeem rewards directly from your Shopify POS.

By combining a multi-tiered loyalty program with actionable data analytics and real time business intelligence insights, AppCard enables you to send personalized offers, set up automated triggers based on your shoppers purchase data, and provides you with a dedicated account manager to help you create and execute marketing campaigns.

Communicating and building a relationship with your loyal shoppers has never been easier. Shoppers can be engaged with your brand before they visit the store—via your own digital storefront within the AppCard App and web account, as they conclude their transaction—through live digital receipts, and as they leave the store—personalized marketing messages via push notifications, text and email campaigns.

Check out our AppCard for Shopify POS Case Study to learn more about the benefits and ease of implementing AppCard, now integrated with Shopify POS!

Training Videos

AppCard for Shopify Setup Guide

AppCard for Shopify How to Guide

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