Persistent Cart

Developed by Customer First focus

Persistent Cart makes your store's shopping cart truly persistent. Right now your customers are losing their carts for no reason.

The Only App that Prevents Customers from Losing Shopping Carts When Switching Devices

What Shopping is like Without Persistent Cart:

Let’s say Jim is shopping at work on your store and has 5 items in his shopping cart. Then he gets in car to go home and loads up your site on his phone to keep shopping. He logs in, only to find a sad and empty shopping cart. He tries to remember what he was going to buy and adds some items to his shopping cart. When he gets home, he hops on his computer, logs into your store and finds his shopping cart empty again. He gives up, and you lose a sale.

What Shopping is like With Persistent Cart:

When Jim gets in the car and logs in, his cart loads with the 5 items he added while he was at work. Let’s say he adds a 2 more items while he’s in the car going home. When he gets home and logs in, he’ll have all 7 items when he logs in. He can than continue shopping and is much more likely to make a purchase and is likely to purchase more items.

A Simple Experiment for Your Store.

Log into an account like a customer, and add some items to your cart. Then go to a different phone or computer, and log in. Your original cart will be gone. Try the same thing after installing Persistent Cart.


How do I set up Persistent Cart for my store?

There’s no set up, and there are no installation steps. Persistent Cart works in the background linking your shopping cart to customer accounts, so your customers can log in and keep shopping with the shopping carts tied to their account.

What happens when there are already items in my shopping cart, and then a customer logs in?

Persistent Cart is simple but smart. Let’s say Jim adds a few items to his shopping cart and then decides to log in. If we find a cart associated with his account, we simply ask him if he would like to load the found cart, keep his current cart or combine the cart we found for his cart and his current shopping cart.

What happens when my customer checks out and no longer has items in his cart?

When your customer checks out, we clear the cart tied to his or her account just as you would expect.

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