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Create beautiful galleries from Instagram photos and drive sales to your store. You can customize and embed gallery anywhere on the site.

Collect, Moderate and Publish Instagram photos

Collect - define Instagram #hashtags or @usernames you want to pull from.

Moderate - without leaving Shopify admin, choose what images you want to show in gallery. You can also set default moderation (approve or reject) for each #hashtag and @username. Tag products in photos.

Publish - Create beautiful shoppable galleries. You can choose between Slider or Gallery style. Customise colors, padding, number of photos, animation.



Shoppable Instagram photos - make each photo shoppable by tagging products related to photo. When customer clicks on photo, popup will show photo + tagged products with links that goes directly to your product page.

Pulling images - Track multiple #hashtags or @usernames.

Auto approve - For each #hashtag or @username define auto moderation, you can choose to approve everything or deny everything and then manually approve images you want.

Product Gallery - for each product you can define hashtags and auto moderation. Products that you tag manually are automatically put into product gallery.

Multiple galleries - create multiple galleries and embed them anywhere on your site.

Customise look and feel - you can choose between Slider and Gallery. Define colors, animation, padding, number of photos, number or rows.


Basic - $9.99 - create 1 gallery and track multiple #hashtags or @usernames. Tag products within photos and make them shoppable.

Advanced - $19.99 - embed product specific gallery on product page, unlimited number of galleries.

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