DandyLoop - Cross Promotion

Developed by DandyLoop

Promote your products as a complementary purchase to targeted shoppers on multiple eCommerce sites.

DandyLoop enables you to create more customers: Install DandyLoop, choose brands you want to work with, and they will promote you in exchange for you to do the same for them.

95% of your visitors are not buying. Leverage them to create more customers who will choose to buy, instead of paying for outside traffic.

DandyLoop's proprietary technology enables you to form partnerships with brands that will intelligently recommend your complementary products in their site in exchange for you to do the same for them.

Here is how it works:

Form Relevant Partnerships: Connect directly with complementary brands that you want to work with, or choose from brands already working with DandyLoop.

Gain as many new visitors as you share: Once placed in your site, our widget recommends relevant complementary product from your chosen partners, and vice versa (see the widget in the attached image).
Instead of aimlessly moving on, non-buying visitors from your partners' sites will be directed to your site, and vice versa.
For every visitor shared, a new visitor is gained.

Track Performance: Inbound traffic increases by up to 20%. Track performances via your dashboard.

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