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Gifts are us! It’s time you made every day a gift-giving day with GiftWizard.

What's new?

  • Mother's Day 2016 (U.S) is coming - make sure you’re ready to sell more gifts than ever

  • Our new powerful Dashboard is up and running

  • GiftWizard is now available also in Spanish, German, Dutch & Chinese
  • "Here are great Shopify apps... GiftWizard App" (Shopify's Official Blog, Dec. 8, 2015)

    GiftWizard enables you to turn every purchase into a Gift-giving experience, leading to more sales and and enhancing customer acquisition and loyalty. GiftWizard is a proven way to minimize returns, gain important data and insights and build a long-term loyal client base.

    More than 3,000 Shopify stores have already discovered the power of gifts.

    It’s time you made every day a gift-giving day-

  • Increase your sales by making every product giftable - Giftwizard takes care of every aspect of the gifting process for you and helps you meet your customers’ needs
  • Turn every purchase into a gift-giving experience - With our special gifting button, integrated into your page, customers are able to buy and send any product in your store as a gift
  • Minimize Returns and Exchanges - By enabling the recipients to enter their shipping address, size, color & other preferences before shipment, GiftWizard significantly reduces returns rates
  • Last Minute Gifts - The gift notification may be sent immediately after the purchase is complete
  • Unique Insights - Our sophisticated BI tools get the most relevant statistics about gifting preferences and show them to shop owners
  • Simple Integration, advanced modifications - Our incredibly flexible integration makes it as easy as can be for online shops to use our product, yet enables stores to have full control of the design and functionality

  • Turn gift receivers into profitable customers - you will have a detailed, data-driven list of the gift-receivers which will enable you to add them to your client base
  • Retarget gift-purchasers and gift-receivers - You can also send them your latest deals and suggest customized offers, based on their gift purchases, in order to draw them back to your store
  • Give your customers free gifts - GiftWizard enables you to give free gifts to your customers, including personally designed e-greeting cards

    • Our Vision

      We truly believe that online gifting should be fun and easy. We're passionate about increasing purchases, improving gifting experience, and driving new customers to your store.

      We’re here to listen, help, and spread some "gifting magic" to your store.
      Please feel free to contact us at

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