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Show Instagram photos in a beautiful Instagram album from your Instagram posts. Try for Free!

Use Your Instagram Account As Social Proof

With Instagrammy, you can now use your Instagram account as a form of social proof for your online store. Imagine a visitor who is browsing your store and saw your beautiful Instagram photos. He/she will immediately feel much more assured in making a purchase and may even go on to follow your account on Instagram!

★★★★★ Features of Instagrammy

✔ 7 days Free Trial

With a 7 days free trial, you can uninstall this app whenever you want to if this app doesn't suit your needs.

✔ Convenience!

With this Shopify app, you will no longer need to upload pictures from your Instagram account to your store. In a few simple clicks, you can conveniently select the photos that you want on your Instagram posts/feeds and show them on your Shopify store.

✔ Beautiful Photo Album

In addition, the photos are shown in a visually stunning photo album that could heavily impact your visitors positively, making them more compelling to trust your store and purchase the items that they want.

✔ Auto Instagram Update

The album can now be configured to always show the latest posts from your Instagram account.

✔ Use As Slideshow

Besides being a photo gallery, this app can also be configured to work like a slideshow!

✔ Grid Display

Instead of showing as a polaroid photo album, you have the option to show your Instagram photos in grid layout too!

Join 600+ other Shopify store owners in using Instagram as social proof to increase their sales today!

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