Shareable Cart

Developed by Customer First focus

Gives your customers an easy way to share their shopping carts and shop on multiple devices!

The Most Intuitive way to Share While You Shop!

Why Customers love it:

  1. Let's say you're shopping, but you want someone else to buy your cart for you. Simply share your cart, and and then anyone can load it and buy your cart for you.

  2. Sometimes you just want an opinion on what your'e thinking about buying. Simply share your cart, and anyone can load it and view details on all the items. Best of all, anyone who loads a shared cart can immediately buy any or all of the shared items.

  3. You'll even want to share with yourself. When you start shopping on your phone, but later you're on a laptop, you won't have your original shopping cart :( Simply share your cart with yourself from your phone, and you'll be ready to keep shopping on your laptop!

How does it work?

  • We add a small "Save & Share Cart" button on the bottom left that can be used at any time, on any page to save and share shopping cart. Shopping carts are tied to links that can be shared with anyone. Whenever someone opens a shared cart link, your store is automatically launched with the shared shopping cart loaded.

  • Try it Out Yourself

    Just look for the Save and Share Cart button on the bottom left on any of these Shopify stores:

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