Shopify Mobile for Android

Developed by Shopify

Shopify Mobile lets you easily manage your store from your Android device.

Looking for Shopify Mobile for your iPhone?

Shopify is excited to announce that the Android app is available to help you manage your online stores right from your mobile device. This beta release supports: push notifications, web order payment capture, order fulfillment, product inventory management, and a sales dashboard that keeps you up to date on your business.

Simply download Shopify Mobile for Android (Beta), and log in to your existing Shopify store.

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  • See your daily revenue, unique visitors, page views, and referrals

  • Track trends in your business: compares numbers from the past week or month

  • Quickly see open orders, authorizations, and out of stock items that need your attention


  • Search for a specific order by number or customer name

  • Blue indicator helps you easily find open orders

  • Quickly see customer, products, totals, and transactions for an order

  • View an order’s full customer information from shipping and billing addresses to contact info

  • Capture a web payment

  • Fulfill one or more items

  • Scan in your tracking code with your camera

  • Provide a partial refund or a full refund on an order, including restocking inventory

  • Archive and reopen orders

  • Select a few orders (long press) and batch actions together

  • View additional customer details for each order


  • Search for a specific product by name or SKU

  • See all of the product variants available

  • Create new products

  • Manage inventory for product variants

  • Edit variant details from SKU to price to shipping

  • Add new photos right from your camera and gallery

  • Set the featured images on your products

  • Add new product variants

Feedback & Support

Your feedback is invaluable to us, feel free to contact support or leave feedback right in the app, or post a comment on our forums.

  • Contact us at 1-888-SHOPIFY

  • Drop us a line right in the app, see the “Feedback” item in the menu

  • Check out our forums

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