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Get more value from your guest WiFi by using Turnstyle to collect customer contact info, push targeted messages/coupons and run analytics

Use your guest WiFi as a powerful marketing tool

Your guest WiFi has the power to do more than simply connect your customers to the internet. It can also connect your customers to your business.

Turnstyle helps brick-and-mortar retailers get more value from their guest WiFi by enhancing it with marketing capabilities that allow you to collect customer contact information, automate marketing emails and messages, and conduct in-store analytics to help you determine the health of your business.

Thousands of venues have had success with Turnstyle’s WiFi marketing platform. It has proven to increase customer loyalty and visit frequency, as well as save ‘at risk’ customers from taking their business to the competition.

If you’d like to transform your monthly WiFi expense into a marketing asset, then Turnstyle is the solution for you.

Social WiFi – a better customer experience

Social WiFi gives your business a professional looking, branded log-in portal also known as your splash page. Easily customize the first page guests see to match the look and feel of your brand as well as to promote upcoming sales or daily deals with as many as three slider images – no developer or design skills needed!

This is also where you ask guests for some type of contact information instead of a password. You have the choice of offering one or all of the following options to connect:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Google+

  • Name and email address

  • Name and phone number

  • Guest

After your customers connect, redirect them to a website of your choice. This is a perfect opportunity to promote your online store or boost your social presence, by sending them to your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page.

Emails and phone numbers can also be exported to an external platform to promote your business, or you can use Turnstyle’s Campaigns feature to automate your email and messaging for you…

Campaigns & Coupons – automated marketing messages

Now that you’re growing your marketing lists with your branded log-in portal, use the campaigns & coupons feature to communicate with your best customers. Automate your messaging and send digital coupons using a variety of different rules and triggers, such as:

  • When they enter your venue

  • When they exit your venue

  • Loyal customers only

  • At risk customers

  • Age and gender specific

  • Date and time specific

Any emails and digital coupons that you send are tracked so you can see exactly how many people viewed your message and redeemed your offers.

In-store Analytics – more than POS data

Turnstyle’s analytics feature is able to detect any WiFi enabled device (smartphones, tablets, laptops) that enters your store in order to show you patterns in traffic, length of stay, and loyalty. Gather deep insights about your operations in order to:

  • Uncover the success of a promotional campaign

  • Establish benchmarks and set clear goals to see the ROI of your marketing initiatives

  • Discover unique visitors, dwell-times, walk-by conversions, age, gender, and more

The best part is that no application download or network connection is required by your guests.

Implementation & management

Turnstyle was designed to be easy to use and install. When you receive our hardware, simply plug it into an internet connection and a power source. Within minutes, you’ll start collecting data and have your very own branded wireless hotspot.
Our online dashboard is where you can view your analytics, customize your log-in page, and build your automated marketing campaigns. Every Turnstyle customer also has unlimited access to a dedicated customer success manager – just in case you ever find yourself in a pinch.

Integration with Shopify POS solution

The custom built Shopify-Turnstyle app allows you to add sales data and purchase information to each Turnstyle Social WiFi user. Not only can you see who your best customers are and when they visit, but also view their purchase history. Now brick and mortar retailers can get the same insights as their e-commerce stores.

Sign-up for Turnstyle today and start getting more value from your guest WiFi to help grow your business.

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